Styling IQ March

Hopefully you all kept dry on the weekend, as Pam passed through. A reminder of how fast the weather in New Zealand can change and how flexible our wardrobes need to be!

This season there is a huge amount of grey in the shops. This is wonderful news as it gives a softer look than the usual black, (which for most of us can be terribly aging). If you are a Deep or Clear Winter you will look amazing in black; if not, it’s likely you will look more attractive in some form of grey.
Grey of course can be a light grey, a dark charcoal grey, a warm green grey, a cool blue grey, a sharp shiny grey or a muted soft grey, so there is a grey to suit everyone. As well as shade, it’s important to choose the right style too for your personality and body shape.
Try adding accents of one of your best colours to grey to improve the colour balance. Earrings in your colour and the right lipstick, for example, can make a huge difference. Look at jewellery, scarves and shoes too. Don’t stick to black, it’s too harsh.  If it’s a sheer garment, you can change its colour slightly by the colour of your slip. They don’t have to be only black or white.

I would like to thank the lovely ladies that turned up to the “Conversation with a Stylist” evening heldin Repertoire New market, I put on with Moyra Naughton aided by Repertoire’s store manager Holly. We had a wonderful evening trying on the new season garments to see which pieces worked on who and why. We demonstrated how our individual colouring affects how good we look in our clothing. The whole room agreed that all three of us models looked so much better in the clothing, when we could find the colours as well as styles that suited us.

The audience commented on how amazing it was to see how different each garment looked on each body shape, as the three of us modelled the new season garments. The three of us were very different shapes, proportions and heights, which really helped everyone there to understand how and why certain garments worked on one body and others did not.

Based on feedback during the evening from our clients, Moyra and I will be putting on some more personal workshops during May. These will be whole day events for small groups, to cover colour, style, body shape and personality, using your own clothing. Each lady attending will receive a personalised workbook. If you are in Auckland and would like to pre-register your interest, please email me on

If you are out of Auckland and have a group of ladies who might be interested in doing this, let us know. We are happy to travel to your area. Or look on the website for your nearest Color Me Beautiful Consultant.
If you have any questions for me or topics you would like covered in a future Style IQ Newsletter, please email me.
Have a wonderful Easter
Jill x

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