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Hi Ladies,
I have just been on a fabulous course, here in Auckland: I love my work as an Image Consultant because people fascinate me, they absolutely do.  A few months ago, my good friend and stylist Sue Donnelly, who I had many a coffee and long chat with in the UK before we emigrated, announced she was coming to Australia to run a Facilitator Training Course for the personality assessment company she uses for her clients. Phew lots to say there!
I thought, anything they can do we can do too. So I set about finding a group of interested stylists here.  She arrived last week and we all met up on Monday. The result, shown below, after two days of driving Sue crazy, was that we all passed as accredited Clarity 4D Facilitators.

This means I can profile you, once you complete a Clarity 4D Profile Questionnaire and then see how to best explain things to you about your style, how to pace myself when working with you and, to an extent, have a very good idea of what will suit you before we shop or work together.
It should help both of us as I can try to match my communication style to yours, so that you get the most out of my time with you.
The technique characterises you into four colours and I learnt that I am very yellow! This means I do everything very quickly with lots of ideas and enthusiasm, which I now realise may overwhelm you when we work together.
The whole course was lots of fun and very thought provoking. For example, I know we all see things differently but trying to think and behave in someone else’s style was extremely difficult. Anyone with yellow energy will tend to buy clothes based on feel or touch and the promise of what wearing the garment will hold, very emotional. People with Blue energy buy on quality, cost per wear, longevity and practicality, so very much from a thought perspective. If you want to know your dominant energy, just let me know.
I am sure there will be workshops on this valuable communication tool soon, but meanwhile, please get in touch if you have questions.

On a different subject, there was lots of interest in the make-up information last month’s newsletter. This time, it’s choosing a lipstick.
Find a lipstick that flatters your skin colour and mouth shape. This means:
• If you are a Light with pale hair, eyes and skin, then look to paler lipsticks, as strong colours may overwhelm

• If you are Deep with dark hair, eyes and skin then stronger colours will balance you better

• Warmer colouring, those with a skin that tans and an overall golden look, will be flattered by salmon pinks and richer browns or orangey reds

• Those with cooler colouring and have a pinker look to their skins are favoured by fuchsia pinks, blue reds and often a purpled hue

• The clear ladies with bright eyes and high contrast look great in bright colours

• Those with subtle elegant colouring need to choose very soft colours

Large lips shrink with darker lipsticks, less full lips are plumped up by paler colours.
When you are choosing a new lipstick, apply the tester to your lips not your wrist, your hand or a piece of paper. As with a perfume, the colour will develop over 10 minutes or so, so don’t rush to decide. Also, if it’s a new colour for you, give yourself chance to get used to it.
To apply lipstick, first pat lips dry. Then sketch a lip liner around the lip line of your mouth. Next, fill in the body of the lips with the same pencil. If you have time, or for a special occasion make-up, go over the lip liner with your chosen lipstick on a lip brush. If you are in a hurry, apply colour directly from the lipstick.
Four lipsticks should be enough to go with everything you own.

As ever, if you want face to face help, I have colour and make up classes running through out June and July. Please contact me.

I am off to Melbourne tomorrow for what looks like being a very cold week. I look forward to bringing lots of new styling ideas to next month’s Style IQ Newsletter.

Jill xx

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