Style IQ June

Such a busy month! New Color Me Beautiful consultants trained, fun workshops and personal shopping plus visits from my grandson.
June’s Style IQ contains
• Workshop Information
• Delighted to own
• The Invisible Years

Colour Workshop
The last Colour Class I put on with Moira Naughton of Style Shop went so well, our attendees loved it, so we have two more dates for your diary:
Saturday July 25th 1.30pm to 5pm Ponsonby (almost sold out)
Saturday August 8th 10am to 1.30pm Ponsonby (limited places)

We are also planning a weekend of Style and Shopping in Auckland from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th September. Two nights in a Central Auckland Hotel with workshops on colour, style, body shape and personality. Presentations on Capsule Wardrobing and Fashion Trends plus a Day Shopping. All with the guidance of trained stylists.
To find out more on either event or to book a place:
email Jill at

Delighted to Own
Seed is a new store in both Newmarket and Ponsonby, in Central Auckland. It’s an Australian brand and I am delighted to see it arrive here. I treated myself to a long woollen cardigan when they opened and I found a huge cowl neck sweater in their sale. The way the weather is going this year both items will be worn out by August!

The Invisible Years
Every so often we get a significant birthday and later this year I have one. I think when you get one of these you have to re-establish your place in (your personal and the greater) universe. To put it simply I am not quite sure where I fit. The face in the mirror belongs to my mum and it does not match with the expectation of my mind.
My mother was an older mum and she reached this point before the age of the internet and before the age of choice in fashion. Now, unlike her generation, the Baby Boomers no longer have a “uniform” or role for each decade of our lives. Therefore I do not have an immediate role model. This is both an opportunity but, at the same time, slightly unnerving. I started to look around to see what other women of my impending age and those older were doing.

I see Merryl Streep (66), Dame Judy Dench (80), Dame Helen Mirren (69) and Susan Sarandon (66). These are all great actors on the big screen but even they say the roles for the older women are limited in their range and availability.

Looking further I found a wonderful programme by the BBC in 2013 showing 6 women who had decided to enter the ‘invisible years’ in style:
If like me you are wondering about your place in the world, I urge you to take time to take a look at the lives of these women who decided there was more to older age than babysitting, retirement or waiting for the rest home. They all enjoy their work, families, and friends. They experience the challenges and changes that age brings and they all love life.
They have also decided that they have something to give back, and enjoy not fitting the stereotype of the older women. One of them in her 90’s is a dance choreographer, another works in High Street fashion. One is a member of the House of Lords in her 90s, another now shops exclusively in Op shops. She could teach me plenty about dressing with style! One lady in her 70s has hopes to be a model. I would love to see her succeed.
It is a shame that the ‘baby boomers’ are so many and probably have the money (well more than current generations) and some have time to offer more yet we are underrepresented in fashion, both clothing and advertising. There are few of us as heads of industry or in the front of politics. The older men are represented but not us. We are becoming Invisible as a generation!
So many of my age group think it’s wrong to show their age, that allowing grey hair to show or wrinkles. Are we only in the ‘real world’ if we fight all signs of age and a long life?
I find I am unusual in embracing grey hair and showing no interest in high heels and skin treatments. Despite being very conscious of what I choose to wear, I’m glad I got this far and I don’t want to go back and do it all again! I don’t want to fight the mirror forever. If that’s what it takes to be accepted I probably don’t want to be.

I don’t know if any of you agree with any of my thoughts, but if you do, or would like to discuss other ideas, I would like to propose a “Going Grey Gracefully” dinner during August. Perhaps we can find a way to be Visible again. Or just have fun!
Please let me know if you might be interested in this. Email me your name, area and the best night for you to have a meal out with like-minded women and I’ll set it up!

If you are not in Auckland or even New Zealand, and decide to organise your own dinner, let me know how it!

Love, Jill   xxxx

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