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Welcome to the July edition of Style IQ, thank you all of those who got in touch after reading the June edition. Many of you had already seen the Fabulous Fashionistas I mentioned, and those that had not had a treat when they had a look!
I had a few similar links sent to me, so if you enjoyed the ladies try these;  New York’s very own Iris     A New Zealand Book

There was also quite a bit of interest in a Going Grey Gracefully dinner, so my suggestion is Wednesday August 12th at 7.30pm at the Italian on the corner of Parnell Road and Garfield Street Parnell. They offer a $15 evening meal. Let me know ASAP if you want to come along. Let’s Get Visible Ladies! Perhaps we could make it a monthly event, we are good when we are together.

I have been busy this month with colour and style training, workshops and presentations. After talking to so many of you, it does not cease to amaze me how females select their clothing. I would say possibly up to 80% of you either do not own or do not use a full length mirror, my observation is “how can you know if you are fabulous” if you don’t look? You will also fail to notice that you have put on odd shoes or your dress inside out (both of these things have in fact happened to me!) it’s now a rule don’t leave the room without looking in a full length mirror! Check again before you leave the bathroom, most of us will have done this at least once, some more spectacularly than others. A close friend told me recently she trekked across quite a portion of central London with her dress tucked in her knickers!
My second observation is “why would you buy it if you have not tried it on?” At a recent workshop the attendees were asked to bring along something that was just not working for them. Every single garment brought along, was bought without trying it on! In every case the offending item either did not fit, or flatter, some of them did neither! If you want to treat yourself with hard earned cash, enjoy the experience, take a friend or even better a stylist and try it on!
My third observation is “only about 30% of you are wearing the right bra” So your clothes are just not going to look their best. Get fitted every time you buy a new bra, which should be at the very least annually. Throw them out when they don’t fit or pass them on to a charity.
My fourth observation is that from our conversations and workshops, I know how hard shopping for clothing is. (I used to really struggle too). The invitation that sits on the counter to an important event, it scowls at you more everyday as you continue to avoid action. You know you have nothing suitable to wear because it’s been ages since you shopped, or the online shopping has left you with ill fitting unsuitable clothes, or your three sets of fat pants are just not going to cut it at the wedding!

Make a plan, go and have a look around, wearing your best underwear try a few things on. Take a photo or two. Then go home and think about it. Did it feel good? Did it fit well? Did it flatter you? Is it suitable for the event? Can you afford it? Can you still afford it if you need new shoes and a coat or similar to go with it? If you have mostly yesses you are sorted run back and buy it! If not and you have done this twice, pick up the phone, stylists don’t bite, we are mainly fun, caring people who want to help. Often we can get you discounts and we know the wrong clothes (that you choose) in the end cost a lot more than the right clothes (that we find). Consider the cost per wear!

Final observation, lots of our high street stores are in sale at the moment, many of them offering over 50% off. Some of them are struggling. There are great clothes out there are great prices right now. Do remember before you buy online, these stores will vanish along with the jobs and the visual impact if we don’t use them. Identity is now in receivership!

Hope to see you at the dinner please reply before August 1st!

Jill xx

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