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Gosh finally got to write the newsletter and am amazed to have the log fire burning and be listening to the rain pouring down and the wind howling outside. The temperature has dropped to 11degrees. I was beginning to think this summer would go on forever, it seems to be months and months since I needed my waterproof to walk my dogs!

So now I really am going to have to put the light fabrics to the back of my wardrobe and pull out a few long sleeves and thicker items.
Last week I attended a wonderful new shop launch by Repertoire in Ponsonby. They are undergoing a rebrand and focussing on what they do well, flexible but feminine clothing. I have my eyes on a few new items, preferably not in black.
I was also looking at a few great things from Kettlewell Colours in the UK I love being their New Zealand agent as it gives me really affordable clothing for my clients in great colour choices.
If like me you don’t want to wear mainly black this year look at these ideas……

More and more of my clients are asking how to choose a foundation, it seems a lot of women find it hard. So here are a few things to consider.
Rule one, always test the foundation on clean skin (horror wearing no make up for this!) on your cheek or your jaw.
Rule two, you are looking for the nearest match to your natural skin colour. So the best foundation is the one that blends in.
Rule three, absolutely no testing on back of hand, over makeup, on at the base of your thumb.

If you are not too sure what your colouring is, before you spend any money on clothes or a new lipstick why don’t you:
Join Moyra Naughton and myself on June 13th at 2pm for a three hour workshop of Colour Analysis and a makeup lesson! See the best colours for you and find out how to buy the right foundation colour and why some lipsticks work and some don’t.
Cost $150 including a workbook showing examples of your best colours and your best lipstick (value $50).  Group size strictly limited for this event. (Note individual colour analysis is $250 with a fan of your best colours only)

Email me at to book a place.
If you want to organise a group of your friends on another day we can come to you.

Jill XXX


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