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Colour has a huge impact on the way we look and how we feel. Colours that complement us help us appear vibrant, younger and healthier.
The colours we wear also impact on how others perceive us.

During an individual colour consultation, your consultant will discuss with you your lifestyle, the way you shop, your colour preferences and any problems you may have with wearing certain colours.

She will then look at the way your hair, skin and eye colour interact to give you your unique colouring and demonstrate which colours flatter you the most.

Together you will discuss which colours should be selected for which garments to enhance your personality and colouring and fit in with your lifestyle.
You will also be shown a make-up update to accommodate your colouring, and receive a seasonal wallet or a tonal fan of your best colours.

What you will learn
What your dominant colouring or season is, which colours suit you and equally importantly which do not.
The make-up colours and shades you should be selecting and why.
How to integrate the colours of the clothes you own with the ones you will choose next time. How to co ordinate your wardrobe.
How to wear ‘your black’.
Time: 90 -120 minutes
Cost: approx $200**
Includes a seasonal wallet or a tonal fan. This consultation can be adapted for a group or hen night; please enquire.

If you want to feel excitement when you open the wardrobe door and delight when you look in the mirror, book a style consultation.

Your stylist will discuss with you your lifestyle and the areas of your wardrobe that make you feel unhappy.

You will be asked to complete a short style questionnaire to help her understand your style personality.

You will then move together to the mirror and determine your body shape and proportions (there is no measuring involved in this).

You will be asked to bring a small selection of items from your wardrobe, some good buys and some that were not so good. These items will be used to demonstrate what works for you and why.

What you will learn
Your body shape and proportions and how to use that information when you shop.
Your style personality and how to shop for it.
Your best features and any that you may not want to accentuate.
How to achieve a great fit.
Where best to shop.
Time: 2 hours plus
Cost: $180 plus**
Includes a personalised style workbook. This can be adapted to groups and hen parties; please enquire.

Make sure everything in your wardrobe suits you and works hard for you.

Learn how to combine clothes and colours and find ways to wear those garments that are never worn.
Priced by the hour.

Recommended after a colour and style session.

Work with one of our fabulous Color Me Beautiful Consultants to ensure your money goes further when you shop and that you get clothes you’ll wear and enjoy.

We teach you how to shop for yourself, so that clothes shopping become a breeze.

We are not tied to, or paid by, any store so you get a truly unbiased opinion on ‘what not to wear’.

Priced by the hour.

Auckland Personal Shoppers

This fast, no nonsense approach will teach you what flatters you and why, and how to dress for the interview and the job.

Includes an appraisal of your current style and how others see you.

Personal shopping can be included.

Please enquire for more information.

Male image matters. Our clothes speak for us; learn to control what yours are saying about you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Please enquire for more infomration.

Our Consultants are available to speak to your social group or offer a motivational workshop.

Color Me Beautiful will teach sales techniques, personal shopping, and can run in-store or promotional events.

Contact Jill for more information.

“I went to brunch on Sunday and felt fabulous. Wore all new things… I can’t thank you enough… I will certainly be recommending you any chance I get.”
S G Auckland

** Individual Consultancy costs may vary. Please check with your Consultant.