Jill Wilkinson Consultant

An overheard conversation about how to transform your body shape with the aid of a pair of shoulder pads in 1996, took me to the Director of a top UK Image Consultancy called Appearance Matters and I have been an Image Consultant ever since. It was such an amazing experience I was training within 6 weeks and, as they say, have never looked back!

I extended my skills six years later, with Color Me Beautiful (CMB) UK and that led to frequent radio and TV appearances, lots of magazine coverage and a presentation to the UK Federation Of Image Consultants and of course a great many fantastic clients.

In 2007, I and my husband and three teenage sons headed over here to beautiful New Zealand, where another chance encounter gave me the chance to own CMB NZ. This is great for me as now I not only get to help individuals with their image; but I can also indulge my passion of training Image Consultants to help others.

I offer colour consultations, to help you choose the colours that revitalise you and avoid the rest. I help you find the clothes that suit your body shape and proportion and most importantly reflect the real you. I love helping you to pair up the orphans in your wardrobe with a wardrobe weed and to take you shopping to use your money wisely.

I have just completed a Fashion Feng Shui course which adds an extra dimension to both my individual clients’ and Consultant training. Fashion Feng Shui is the art of dressing to allow the real essence of yourself to shine through and to appear truly authentic to others. Like interior design Feng Shui, thi also allows you to add in the elements to your clothing that you wish to strengthen in your life. For example how to dress to be more nurturing or to attract romance, to gain wealth, or be more creative, all things are possible.