Stylist In House Training | Color Me Beautiful New Zealand

Stylist In House Training

This four day very practical course will give you the ability to be a personal stylist or personal shopper, if you are going to do Colour training that is best done first, it is not essential to have done it to enter this course.

Learning outcomes; You will be able to

  • Understand the theory of Colour Analysis and determine Dominants
  • Understand, explain and identify Style Personality
  • Understand face shape and advise on hairstyles and glasses
  • Understand the Four Body Shapes
  • Understand and recognise Scale and Proportion
  • Understand which fabrics to select
  • Understand which clothing “rules” apply for which client
  • Understand how to conduct a Personal and a Group Style Consultation
  • Understand how to use the Color Me Beautiful New Zealand Style Workbooks
  • Understand all of the above about yourself and how to dress
  • Understand how to organise a clients wardrobe
  • Understand how to take a client Personal Shopping
  • You will leave the course know how to market your business and price it

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course, a training manual, 5 workbooks to practise with, and ongoing mentoring.

Cost $2,200.00 plus GST There are no extra costs for this course.

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