The Colour for 2014 is……………..

The New Colour this year, 2014, chosen by the Pantone colour experts is… Radiant Orchard


Raidiant Orchard

This colour is to my eyes, a beautiful shade of Purple or maybe Pink? Or perhaps it’s a Pinkish Purple or even a Purpleish Pink! However you describe it, it will be everywhere in 2014, clothing, make up, accessories, house ware.  It is a colour you need to get used to as it will be seen in the shops all over the world. Kate Middleton chose a dress in this colour to present Prince George to the world. (the dress sold out very quickly)

Radiant Orchid is a cool undertone colour and will suit those with cool colouring; Winters, Summers and Cools. Put the colour near to your face and look in a mirror, do you look radiant too or washed out? If you look amazing in this colour and have the confidence, wear it on its own. Or try it as a blouse, top or jacket. It looks great with pinks or blues but can look very bold when teamed with red or green, it will lift your neutrals greys, navys and of course black if you are more conservative. If its not a colour you love but you can wear it, look for patterns that contain Radiant Orchid, or try nail polish, shoes, scarves or a fashion bag just to show you are on trend.

If you have warm colouring and fall into the Autumn, Spring or Warm pallets, wear it away from your face, try it in shoes, handbags, pants. It looks amazing with orange, warm reds, lime green if you are dramatic or chocolate and khaki if you are keen to tone it down. Try to avoid wearing it with black as it can look harsh and dated.

Of course Purple is a universal colour and can be worn by all in the right shades, I am sure there will be lots of versions of “Radiant Orchid so there will be deeper, lighter, warmer, cooler, softer and clear versions on the high street, look for yours! If you really are not happy in any shade of purple, look below at the other colours Pantone has chosen for 2014.

Choosing the right garment and the right fabric for your style personality and body shape will be as important as choosing where to wear Radiant Orchid.

The softer your colouring the softer the look you should choose, so try wool, velvet, tweeds, linens to balance you.

If you are a clear with strong colouring try sharper shades in perhaps fabrics like, silk or satin.  Remember your body shape and check in the mirror first!

Other colours we will see will be an aquamarine type colour called Hemlock, a subtle blue green as opposed to the strong Emerald seen in last seasons clothing.  A soothing Violet Tulip, the perfect antidote to the striking Radiant Orchid.


A Dazzling Blue has been picked up by designers too with over 15% featuring it in new ranges. A soft Passive Blue is also heading our way along with a steely blue gray “Paloma”.

For the warms there is Freesia a sunshine yellow and Celosia Orange a soft shade.

Choosing the right garment and the right fabric for your style personality and body shape will be as important as choosing how to wear Radiant Orchid and its friends!

These  beautiful colours are also going to make a showing in the makeup shades this season, visit our Color Me Beautiful Shopping Cart and update your look.

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